Identification method of 925 silver

There are many kinds of silver on the market now, but only 925 silver is the verified international standard for silver jewelry, so how can we identification it ? The following are some commonly used methods shared by the after-sales staff of Topping with you:

1. Color identification method: observe with eyes, for high quality silver jewelry, it looks white, shiny with good workmanship and has marked on it, it should be fake silver jewelry if the color is poor without luster;

2. Bending method: Gently fold silver jewelry by hand. For high quality silver jewelry, it is easy to bend but not easy to break, it should be low-grade if it’s stiff and bend grudgingly, silver-clad jewelry will crack after bending or knocking with a hammer, it should be fake silver if it can’t stand lightly bend and easy to break;

3. Throwing method: Throw the silver jewelry on the platform from top to bottom, it is high quality silver jewelry if the bounce is not high and the sound is stable, it should low-grade or fake silver jewelry if the bounce is high and the sound in high-pitched;

4. Nitric acid identification method: Using a glass rod to drop nitric acid on the mouth of the silver jewelry, It’s high quality silver jewelry If the color is slightly green, it should be low-grade if the color is dark green;

5. Identification method with magnets: sterling silver can’t be attracted by magnets. Many fake silver products on the market are made of nickel, which attracts magnets. This method is the easiest and most convenient.


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Post time: Aug-23-2022