Introduction to 925 silver jewelry

925 silver is the international standard for silver jewelry in the world. It is different from 9.999 silver, because the purity of 9.999 silver is relatively high, it is very soft and difficult to make complex and diverse jewelry, but 925 silver can be done. 925 silver jewelry does not actually contain 100% silver, it is because 7.5% alloy has been added to sterling silver to enhance the luster, brightness and hardness of silver, so that silver has ideal hardness, brightness , luster and antioxidant properties, and it can be inlaid with various gemstones. Since then, silver jewelry has quickly swept the world with its bright color, unique style, exquisite workmanship and mid-range fashion taste. S925 silver jewelry refers to whose silver content is not less than 925 parts per thousand.

Since Tiffany launched the first set of silver jewelry with a content of 925‰ in 1851, 925 silver has become popular, so the silver jewelry on the market uses 925 as the standard to identify whether it is sterling silver.

925 silver jewelry has a very beautiful metallic luster after polishing, and it also has a certain hardness, which can be inlaid with gemstones and made into medium and high-end jewelry. The silver jewelry made of 925 silver has occident style, it’s rough, bold, avant-garde and ahead of fashion, it’s also exquisite and delicate, which is suitable for general public.

The 925 silver jewelry displayed by Topping is all handmade, which adopts advanced technology & design, then Artificial model making —Wax injection—Casting master—Stone setting —– Polishing, after these several processes, each of finished product embodies the painstaking effort and sweat of the designer, thus making the product look very spiritual.

Foshan Topping Jewelry Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of customized 925 silver jewelry in China. Since its establishment in 1998, it has served many customers in different countries around the world. The customized Jewelry including 925 silver pendant, 925 silver necklace, 925 silver earring, and 925 silver bracelet has won the recognition of customers with it’s exquisite appearance, non-fading surface plated craftsmanship in 14K gold, and 18K gold.

Post time: Aug-23-2022